QNX Bentley Mobile App


A Mobile Companion for the Car

While working on the QNX Bentley Concept Car, I was eager to extend the Car’s experience to the mobile space. And since QNX Software Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of BlackBerry, we already had the perfect platform to do this. From ideation to finished visual design and video prototypes, I was able to own the entire design process. Additional engineering resources were freed in order to complete the application in time for The Consumer Electronics Show.

The application can remotely control the ignition, door locks, windows, trunk, media, climate and more –  from anywhere in the world. The user can also search for locations or browse points of interest and send them to the vehicle prior to their trip. The vehicle also sends mechanic information like, tire pressure, break wear and fluid levels to the phone to notify the user of any potential issues. But of course, it’s a Bentley – so issues are few and far between!

The app was built in HTML5 and supports all the major mobile platforms.

Main Ignition & Function Screens

Ignition Off and Ignition Running Modes



Location Details & Safe Driving Mode


Virtual Mechanic

Odometer, Tire Information, Fluid Levels & More


Running on BlackBerry 10

Homescreen, Active Frame and Hub Integration


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