QNX Bentley Concept Car 2013 CES Design & Engineering Award



What do you say when you’re asked to join a project that involves a $200,000 car and cutting-edge display technologies? Absolutely! The downside? You’re starting from scratch with a team of just 17 (albeit, all rockstars) and you only have 15 weeks.

The vehicle is a natural extension for display technology, but the screen does not offer the same tactile richness that physical buttons and dials do. In a car, this can lead to more than just a frustrated user. It can lead to a potentially distracting and dangerous situation. The challenge is finding the best way to amplify human ability when it comes to the screen in an automotive context. To start, we used some wicked new tech; the QNX speech recognition framework which understands the users intent, thus creating more organic speech control;  a curved screen with a very ergonomic, natural radius; infrared touchless gesture recognition that can respond to user movement; and a real physical dial mounted directly on the screen.


This was an exercise in showcasing the awesome power of the QNX CAR Platform and it’s ability to scale, support future technology, be rock-solid reliable, and undergo complete customization – all in a very rapid, low-risk development cycle. And in doing that, it was very, very successful.

17 inch Curved Digital Light Processing Display with Physically Attached Dial

With Infrared Multi-Touch & Pre-Touch Technologies


Breitling for Bentley Heritage

Clock Design Day & Night Mode



Virtual Keyboard, Applications & App Store

Full-Screen Web Browser


Multipurpose Physical Dial

Change Climate, Volume, or Application




High Contrast User Interface

Half-Screen & Full-Screen Applications



Video Conferencing

Full Duplex High Definition Audio


Bluetooth Phone Pairing & Notification System

Supports Twitter, Email, Facebook, Shazam, Phone Commands and More

qnx_bentley_concept_car_note_bb qnx_bentley_concept_car_note_shazam qnx_bentley_concept_car_note_tweet

Buttonless Virtual Assistant Responds to "Hello Bentley" Trigger Phrase

Digtal VM Meter allows for Organic Voice Control

Configurable Digital Instrument Cluster

With Stereoscopic 3D Backup Camera




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