Pinterest Study Not a real app!

There’s something about exploring someone else’s brand that is alluring for a designer. We are starting to see a lot of examples of this getting some big time exposure. Andrew Kim’s rebrand of Microsoft and Fred Nerby’s Facebook redesign are some great examples of this exercise.

These are good projects to do. You start with an existing model with predefined constraints and get to add your own spin to it.

I am not the biggest Pinterest user, but I like it as a mobile app. It popularized the subway tiled image effect and captures the almost-flat design aesthetic that is popular in UI today. At the 2012 Webby awards, Pinterest won best social media app and peoples voice award for best functioning visual design.

These designs are nowhere near as ambitious as Kim’s or Nerby’s, but I wanted to capture the Pinterest look and feel and show how it might look on a BlackBerry Z10. Assets were studied, interpreted and recreated to pixel perfection for the Z10 screen.

What Would Pinterest Look Like on BlackBerry 10?

Main Screen & Pin Detail


What Would Pinterest Look Like on BlackBerry 10?

Search, Categories, and Profile


What Would Pinterest Look Like on BlackBerry 10?

Post a Pin from Device