BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0


Personal Information Management

I was part of a widespread and diverse team that brought the PlayBook 2.0 upgrade to the BlackBerry tablet. They key component of this update was the suite of PIM (Personal Information Management) applications: Contacts, Calendar, and Messaging.

My initial task was to design the Calendar application, which had me working with new BlackBerry subsidiary, Tungle, an awesome calendar startup out of Montreal. Eventually, I would also become tasked with the graphic design portion of the Contacts application, working closely with superstar interaction designer, DJ Schwend, out of Seattle. DJ worked at Gist, another new subsidiary. The team at Gist delivered a truly unique and amazing experience for aggregating, enhancing and connecting you deeply with your key contacts.

When I returned to home base in Ontario, I was also able to contribute to Messaging, working along side developers to rapidly build and ship assets.

Contacts App Ergonomics in Landscape

Primary Controls based on Thumb Location

bb_playbook_pim_contacts01 bb_playbook_pim_contacts02 bb_playbook_pim_contacts03


Busier Days Signified by Size & Opacity of Number

bb_playbook_pim_calendar01 bb_playbook_pim_calendar02

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