BlackBerry 10 Cloud Services Powerful, Seamless Storage Integration


It’s All About Integrated File Access

Third-party party cloud services, like Dropbox and Box, are integrated deeply into BlackBerry 10. Cloud Services are built into the OS and neatly mounted into the file system which allows for a seamless, consistent way for the user to navigate through their files and folders, regardless of whether or not files are in the cloud or stored locally. This also means that all apps and services have direct access to files, folders, and cloud data. So for example, you can reply to an email and attach a file directly from Dropbox, save a document directly to Dropbox or receive an OS level notification if your storage becomes full. In this way, Dropbox (or other preferred service) can be used as your primary storage medium on BB10.

On other platforms, cloud files are secondary, sandboxed files. Files need to be exported to be seen on the device. Uploading files, if not automatic, must be done from the application or share menu. Only files that have been added as a favorite are visible in the File Manager, but they are buried deep within an arbitrary folder.

The integrated experience on BlackBerry 10 gives users the most powerful platform for managing their files with top tier third-party cloud services.

My Role

My initial wireframes and visual designs kicked off a UX workshop where I collaborated with some ultra-talented folks from The Astonishing Tribe. I researched and carried competitor devices to compose an extensive analysis and comparison. I was also tasked with creating multiple executive-level presentations full of high-resolution mockups, communicative graphics and detailed specifications to develop partner relations.

The Setup Application

Login to your Account and Manage your Settings


Integrated Directly into the BlackBerry File System

Use a Cloud Service as your Primary Storage Medium & Pin Files to Store Offline


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